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About Us


We consider our establishment as a vital part of the Orlando communities catering to it's small business organizations. We are people oriented we put people first. We understand the needs of small communities and the difficulties in the starting a new business. This organization is willing to work with any community organization to fulfill the needs of individuals starting a new business. In the past we worked with organizations such as woman Alliance of Orlando, which specializes in structuring and developing small business entities. Our goal is to assists you by maintaining and structuring your monthly income and expenses, then present this information in a meaningful way to you the business owner. We want to make filing your business or personal income tax return much easier because information is available at your fingertips, "No job is too small".

Our company Sansan Income Tax and Accounting Service started in New York City, NY (1985). We later expanded to the Orlando area in 1997. Since our expansion we have experience, competence and integrity to serve you.

"We do not close our doors on April 15th, we are open all year"

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